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  • Ben Gregoire

SeattleVR Hackathon Winner

Over the weekend I was invited by Lou Ward from Tinker to be a 3D artist for a VR hackathon project about Human connection. We created a VR headset experience with Unity where a player can connect with an older grandma character while you interact with things in her house. Our team worked hard to add over the network control to other players on their phones to interact with the VR player.

There were lots of bumps and hurdles, not to mention time constraints. Get devices to connect, sound, framerates, and models all working in conjuction took us right until the end.

At the end of Hackathon, our team won the outstanding technical achievement! Big shout out to Avril Martinez, Joshua Chang, Gerald McAlister, Rory Emmons, Lou Ward, Luke Anderson, and Mike Chokran! You can check out the project updates here: You can see some video of everyone's project here:

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