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Something Big

This is my story. I just want to say something real. She meant a lot to me. I've been spending a a little time every night working on this project for a while, and here it is. It's a cel animation about a relationship I had.

I've watched this so many times in making it, that I'm not even sure if it's actually good or not, but it means a lot to me. I really like how a lot of the roughness of the anamatic is overlayed on the final; because the story isn't refined or concluding, It's been hard dwelling on her being gone. There's this uncertainty of what to do, and the topic pops up every night when I open this project. All the new free time has helped me do more animation, I guess. This project has helped me get better at creating a workflow for cel animations, for "cel" animation in the past, I used to plan all the camera and character movements in 3d and then reference that. Here it just didn't make sense with all the transitions, it just became setting up a bunch of key frames in Photoshop to a loose script, adjusting, and filling in from there.

Our stories can be used for good. Cheers.



some loops for dribbble.


Some BTS coming soon :)

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