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Ben Gregoire

Animate Every Day

I'm Ben Gregoire.
A motion graphic designer, I like to make art, stories, and designs come alive. I try to animate every day. I live in Seattle, WA doing freelance motion graphics. Over the last 8 years I've worked on a lot of fun projects; you may have seen my work at T-Mobile, Microsoft, AWS, the Mariners, or Faithlife. Come check out the Seattle Kraken for my upcoming work.

What matters in life? Doing what you love? Being remembered? Making the world better? I want to use the talents that I have, more faithfully. I hope to honor God and serve others in my life.

"Animate Every Day" is a mantra, an ongoing project, a place to share my work, and a place to refine my ability. I definitely don't post every day, but I'm trying new ideas, techniques, and programs all the time.


It all works by having a big lever attached to my computer.

I bought a really big one, so I could get the smoothest animations.

Just kidding, I'm typically using After Effects, Photoshop, and Cinema 4D.

Thanks! Message sent.

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